Renew your Membership

Picture of a proud member sign.

2017 Minnesota Grown memberships will expire on Dec 31, 2017. Renew your membership today! With your license number and PIN ready, renew online here. 

NOTE: Paying by electronic check/back account? Write down the “Payment ID” code that appears in bold on the summary page (see image below) before you enter payment information. This code cannot be looked up or recreated, and you will need this code to finish the application.

Example of where to locate the PaymentID

Have you run into a problem trying to renew? Check out the FAQ section below. Were you a member in 2017 but can’t find  your pin or license number? Contact Karen at


To produce an accurate and high-quality 2018 Minnesota Grown Directory, we’re asking members to renew by 12/31/2017. This benefits you by ensuring you can continue to use the Minnesota Grown logo and marketing materials immediately in 2018! Members renewing by 12/31/2017 will be eligible to win one of three $100 Visa gift cards with metal “Proud Member” sign, and twelve remaining members will be selected to receive a “Proud Member” sign.


New members (or returning members who did not have a listing in 2017) are welcome to apply by mail or online. Applications will be processed and listings will be placed online right away. For a new license, apply online by clicking here.



Frequently Asked Questions:

“Can I renew by mail instead of online?”

Yes! We will be sending paper renewal forms at the beginning of December but wanted to give members the chance to renew online first.

“I forgot to copy the Payment ID code. What do I do now?”

  1. Completely close out of your internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer). Make sure to close the entire browser by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner – not just closing one “tab” if you have multiple pages open.
  2. Once you close out completely, reopen the internet and open the renewal website again. The system should start you from the first page that asks for license number and pin. Your original pin should work again now that you’ve completely closed out of your earlier session.
  3. You may have to fill out your renewal information again, but this time when you get to the summary page, be sure to write down the payment ID code.

“Oops, I need to make a change to my listing but I already submitted my renewal.”

Don’t worry. E-mail Karen at and describe the change that you need made in as much detail as possible. Usually we are able to make the change quickly from our end.