Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With Local Strawberries

Minnesota Grown Strawberry Farms
weeks to grow a strawberry

Pick-Your-Own Tips and Tricks:

Call Ahead

To ensure a fun, fruit-filled experience, call ahead to check on picking conditions and availability. Farmers also appreciate it!

Pick Right

Select red, ripe berries with caps and stems. Stay on designated pathways and monitor children. Be sure to respect the plants that farmers have worked hard to grow.

Keep Cool

After picking, store strawberries in a cool place ASAP. Do not leave them in a hot car or direct sunlight. Use shallow containers to prevent crushing.

Jam and Jelly 101

Follow the recipe. Do not reduce sugar or use sugar substitutes. The exact amount of sugar, fruit and pectin is necessary for a good set. Do not double recipes; mixture may not set.

Use fully-ripened fruit and fruit juice at room temperature to help sugar dissolve. Crush berries one cup at a time; a potato masher works well. If using a food processor, pulse (on/off) to chop fruit – do not puree!

You can use unsweetened frozen fruit. Thaw the fruit to room temperature and crush to equal the same amount of crushed fresh fruit.

For freezer jam, use clean plastic containers with tight-fitting lids that have been rinsed with boiling water.


Pro tip:

Freezing strawberries for the future? Wash and hull before placing full berries on a baking sheet. Put in freezer until firm and then transfer to a bag or container that can seal. This will prevent sticking and ensure berries are kept in tact. Freeze immediately after picking to preserve the most flavor.