November Pick of the Month Newsletter

Nov 3rd, 2016

Minnesota Grown Pies
No Thanksgiving meal is complete without at least one slice of pie. We’ve compiled some of the best recipes from Minnesota Grown members for both sweet and savory pies that are sure to be a hit. Want to make your pies extra special? Try your hand at one of the tutorials we included for decorative, seasonal crusts!Read more here.

Thanksgiving Mini-Cookbook: Minnesota Grown Farmer Recipes
This November, we compiled a list of 20 fresh and local, spotlight-stealing recipes for Thanksgiving sides that just might give your turkey a run for its money!
All the recipes were gathered from our Minnesota Grown members. PLUS we link you straight to the source of as many ingredients as we can, for a Thanksgiving meal that supports local Minnesota farmers!
Tired of the same Thanksgiving side dishes? Have a vegetarian joining your table?
Keep reading, and try to keep the drool off your keyboard, folks. Happy cooking everyone!
See the cookbook here.

Winter Decorating with Minnesota Grown
These featured DIYs from Minnesota Grown members are perfect for crafting your home into a fresh, warm, and cozy winter haven. Many Minnesota Grown member nurseries and Christmas tree producers offer a variety of great options for do-it-yourself projects! Not interested in making your own? Choose from pre-made wreaths, garlands, spruce tip pots and displays also available from Minnesota Grown members.Read more here.

Minnesota Grown Potatoes
When you’re sitting down to your favorite potato dishes this year at Thanksgiving, don’t forget about Minnesota potato farmers! Minnesota has a strong presence in national potato production. Keep reading to learn more!
From red to blue to the classic yellow, and combinations of the three- try to seek out beautiful colorful potatoes from a local farmer or farmers market near you! Learn more here.

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