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2641Fruit or Vegetable? The age-old debate. The tomato is by definition a fruit because it contains the plant’s seeds, although its lack of sweetness puts it in the vegetable category for most eaters. However you define your tomato, we can all agree that a summer Minnesota tomato can’t be beat! Sweet Million, Matt’s Wild Cherry, Juliet, Early Girl, Big Boy, Big Beef and Red Robin are just a few varieties of tomatoes grown in Minnesota. Tomatoes are harvested in Minnesota from mid-July through September. Minnesota Grown has many farmers who produce tomatoes or heirloom varieties.

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Tomatoes are the richest natural source of lycopene, a carotenoid  that seems to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in men. Tomatoes are low in fat and calories, sodium- and cholesterol-free, a good source of vitamin A, and high in vitamin C. Scientists at Cornell University have identified two additional cancer-fighting substances in the tomato: P-coumaric and chlorogenic acids. In addition to their health benefits, tomatoes are versatile. They can be stuffed, baked, boiled, stewed, pickled, and fried, and are the base for many of your favorite sauces.

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Preserving Tomatoes:

Interested in canning, making salsa, or pickling your fresh surplus tomatoes to preserve that summer taste all winter? The University of Minnesota Extension has a website with instructions on home canning, processing, making salsa and other sauces, freezing, drying, and pickling tomatoes!

Check out their website for your tomato preserving questions.