Find local radishes with the Minnesota Grown Directory published by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Radishes can be found at Minnesota Grown farmers markets throughout the growing season, and also are available from many farms and farm stands directly and in CSAs. Our online Directory provides quick access to farm details, links to their website and access to Google Maps driving directions.

Radishes are among the first vegetables we see at early farmers markets. These fast growing roots come in all types of shapes, sizes, and many different colors. As the weather begins to warm the flavor and variety of radishes changes as well. Often, you can find radishes for sale at the end of the season as well as we transition to fall. Radishes come in many exciting varieties and colors! They have a wide variety of uses; from raw to cooked, in soups and more! Radishes are full of vitamin C and will store for one to two weeks in cool, moist conditions.

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