Find local kohlrabi with the Minnesota Grown Directory published by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. Our online Directory provides quick access to farm details, links to their website and access to Google Maps driving directions.

Kohlrabi is in the cabbage family, it has a similar taste and texture. The bulbs are most commonly consumed. Be sure to peel off the outermost layer with a vegetable peeler. The greens, if young and tender, are edible and commonly used in salads.

Kohlrabi is not as common because the preparation is key to ensure a satisfying taste. Onevsimple way to prepare this vegetable would be to eat them raw in salads. They have a slight bitter flavor, similar to a radish. They can also be added to creamy soups or vegetable stews. Roasting in the oven will allow the sweetness to come out as the kohlrabi caramelizes. Steaming is a common method to cook all vegetables. Add it to stir-fries or pasta dishes! The last method would be to make it into fritters. Shred it and mix with an egg and a few tablespoons of flour or breadcrumbs. Heat oil or butter in a flat skillet, drop on small mounds, and flatten slightly with the back of your spatula. Turn after a few minutes, and serve when both sides are crispy. All of these ideas came from a blog post by Christine Gallary. Check it out, along with other recipes, here!