Pre-Order Minnesota Grown Directory

The new directory will be available in early April.

Looking for fresh fruits and vegetables, a nearby farmers market, local wine experience, CSA opportunities, Minnesota-raised meat, fresh berries, your next Christmas tree, or similar products? We can connect you to Minnesota farmers growing the products you’re looking for with the Minnesota Grown Directory.

The directory is printed annually, each April, so the information is always current. Plus, it’s free! Fill out the form below to pre-order the 2018 Minnesota Grown Directory today, and we’ll send you your copy/copies when printed.

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    2018/2019 Directories will be available in early April. Directories are packaged in boxes of 75, though orders of any quantity are welcome. Please note: putting a "one" in this field above means one directory, putting "seventy-five" means one box. For bulk orders, please specify in multiples of 75.
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