Make the Cut – Part 2


Minnesota Grown Pick of the Month – January/February 2017

In part one of the series, we discussed the conversation to have with your local farmer when buying meat. Now it is time to learn about the different options available. Cuts can vary in tenderness, flavor and cooking technique. We talked with Minnesota Grown members Pettit Pastures and Heiden Century Farms to offer some insight in buying beef. Pettit Pastures, located in Milaca, Minnesota, is a certified grass-fed beef farm that focuses on environmentally friendly practices. Heiden Century Farms is located in Rushford, Minnesota, where they raise Angus beef.

There are a variety of cuts of beef available for the consumer to choose. Minnesota Grown member Jake Pettit from Pettit Pastures shared that sirloin, rib eye and T-bone steaks are most common cuts in beef. His favorite cut of meat is the flank steak because of the flavor and tastefulness it can provide for a steak sandwich. Heiden Century Farms, LLC suggests that ground meat is the most versatile for consumers to purchase. They added that a roast added to a broth or gravy and cooked with low heat for a long period of time can increase tenderness.

There are many varieties of cuts available to meet your family’s needs. Check out the three charts provided that depict the cuts of beef, pork and lamb. The Minnesota Grown Directory can provide insight on the 120 members who provide beef, pork or lamb to their customers. Tune in next month to learn about storing meat in your home freezer.