Local Gift Guide 2017

Minnesota Grown Gift Guide with pictures of wine, yarn, beeswax candles, soap and honey

Think local this season with Minnesota Grown’s Local Gift Guide.  Minnesota Grown producers offer a variety of local gifts including wine, winter décor, fiber products, and more.  To find a producer near you, click on the images or the titles of each product.

Minnesota wine

With 42 local wineries, our directory is sure to help you find something new for your next party or hostess gift. Looking for a gift with a sense of adventure? Consider a Minnesota Wine Passport.  For only $25, it includes 10 tastings and discounts that never expire!

Cheese or cheesecurds

Pair your wine with Minnesota Grown cheese! A wide variety of options are available including cheddar, brie, and Havarti. If you are hosting a party, impress your guests with a local cheese and meat tray.


This winter-blooming plant is a classic holiday decoration. In addition to the traditional red or white, poinsettias come in a variety of colors including pink, marble, and salmon. Save a lightly lit, non-drafty space for your poinsettia.

Yarn or wool

For a ready-made gift, you can find locally grown and crafted gloves, hats, socks, and more! For the do-it-yourselfer, buy yarn and wool for them to knit or felt. Learn all about local fiber in Minnesota and see the cycle from wool to yarn.

Jam or jelly 

Why not pair a variety of jams with Minnesota Grown goat cheese, for a locally-grown gift basket? With flavors ranging from grape and strawberry to the more unique like rhubarb/ginger and black currant, it’s hard to choose just one!


Minnesota winters are cold – stay warm and cozy with a spa day! Pair locally-made soap with lotion, salve, and soy or beeswax candles to make a Minnesota Grown spa kit.