Keep Warm with Locally Raised Fibers

Minnesota Grown Pick of the Month – January/February 2017

Clothing made from wool, alpaca and mohair are excellent temperature regulators. These fibers are excellent insulators, trapping still air within the fibers and keeping it close to the body while still allowing your skin to breathe. Because of their natural oils, they can repel small amounts of liquid such as light rain or snow. Wool also keeps 80% of its insulation value even if saturated with liquid, keeping you “warm while wet.”

Clothes made from these fibers are also comfortable and durable. It does not wrinkle easily, and is resistant to wear and tear while being lightweight and versatile. These fibers can withstand bending nearly 20,000 times without breaking. Compare this to cotton, which can bend 3,000 times before breaking, or rayon, which can bend only 75 times before breaking!

Additionally, purchasing and wearing clothing made from natural fibers reduces waste since they are 100% biodegradable. Natural fiber clothing is an eco-friendly and sustainable option. Animals like sheep, alpaca and llama are frequently sheared as a way to keep them healthy and happy in the summer months.

We enjoyed talking with member Hollyhock Creations in this month’s member spotlight. Read our interview here.


Icelandic Sheep Yarn Courtesy of Lydia’s Flock

Purchasing local fibers and supporting Minnesota farm families who raise sheep, alpacas, llamas, etc. is a great way to help your local economy. If you are ready to make a fashionable, economic and eco-friendly clothing choice choose natural fibers from a Minnesota Grown wool, alpaca or mohair producer for your next wardrobe choice!

Thank you to the American Sheep Industry Association for providing us with much of this information and for their work in supporting American sheep farmers.