Cooking Tips for the Heart

Minnesota Grown Pick of the Month – January/February 2017

The American Heart Association suggests eating 4.5 cups of fruits and vegetables each day to lower blood pressure. Minnesota Grown members have some insight on cooking tips to add variety to meal time without adding salt, sugar or saturated fats. Locally grown fruit and vegetable producers can be found on the Minnesota Grown Directory.

Minnesota Grown member Warnke Farm, located in Big Lake, suggests adding color to your meal with a variety of fruits and vegetables. In order to reduce sodium consumption, they suggest adding sodium-free seasonings. They make a chipotle seasoning that can be used on all vegetables!

Fruits and vegetables contain natural sugars. Located in Stanchfield, Jake’s Apple Shack suggests purchasing “tree-fresh, tree-ripe” apples. Locally grown apples, especially varieties such as SweeTango, are picked at the ideal time to optimize flavor and sweetness. Jake shared that he makes applesauce for his diabetic neighbor, without adding any sugar!

Roasting is a healthy way to prepare vegetables. Located in Bird Island, Minnesota, family owned Lundstrum’s Vegetables suggests baking vegetables at 350 degrees for one hour or until they can be cut with a fork. They enjoy roasting fall root crops such as onions, garlic, squash and much more!  Flavor up the locally grown produce with olive oil and seasoning salt.

For more heart healthy eating ideas, visit The American Heart Association’s website.