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Minnesota Grown has promoted products grown/raised in MN for over 30 years and is a well-known resource by the public for finding local goods statewide. We have over 1,300 member logo users and over 1,000 members with directory listings in the Direct-to-Consumer directory.


How can I join?

Apply Online and select "Minnesota Grown Labeling" license from the drop down menu. As you fill in the needed information, the online application will also ask if you would like to add a listing in the Minnesota Grown Directory.

Prefer paper? Please feel free to download the application and mail it with check payment to us at the address listed on the form.

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What are the benefits?

Trusted and Established Brand Recognition - Customers have known the Minnesota Grown logo as a signal they’re supporting local farms since 1987!

Our Reach - Approximately 150,000 printed directories are distributed each year. Over 350,000 unique visitors use each year. 17,000 potential customers receive our monthly newsletter highlighting member farms, local recipes, and more.

Promoting You is Our Focus - Unique member events are featured on our homepage and Minnesota Grown event calendar. On a daily basis, we feature members and their product areas on social media (Facebook, Instagram). We issue press releases used by state and regional news media. Additional large-scale marketing campaigns highlight buying local on television, billboards, and digital media throughout the year.

Labeling Cost Share Program - If you add the Minnesota Grown logo to your packaging and signs, the cost share program can help cover 50% of the cost, up to $200. Learn more here.

Merchandising Materials - Free price cards, stickers, rubber bands, twist ties, and more are available with the Minnesota Grown logo

Member Update Newsletter - Early notification about new grant opportunities, articles by expert guest authors, new marketing ideas, and more can be found in the Member Update online newsletter

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Two levels of membership

1) $20 Minnesota Grown Labeling MembershipThis membership level provides a license for individual farms growing/raising a MN agricultural product, farmers’ markets featuring vendors growing/raising a MN agricultural product, or individual businesses incorporating at least 80% MN grown/raised products into their final product with the Minnesota Grown logo. Wild rice must be 100% Minnesota harvested to qualify for the logo.

(NOTE: Individual businesses with at least one major ingredient that 80% or more MN grown/raised their final product may specify the locality of their product by stating “Featuring Minnesota Grown _____” and include the Minnesota Grown logo. For wild rice, this must be 100% Minnesota harvested.)

The $20 membership also gives you:

  • The right to use our trademarked logo on all eligible products, websites, and promotional materials
  • Unlimited, free Minnesota Grown branded promotional items
  • Access to a labeling cost share program
  • Opportunity to be listed in the Wholesale Directory marketed towards restaurants, grocers, schools, and other institutions

2) Additional $40, Minnesota Grown Directory Listing: This membership option provides all the benefits of the labeling license (above) and allows members who sell directly to the public to be listed in the direct-to-consumer Minnesota Grown Directory.

Benefits of this listing include:

  • A listing highlighting your business, farm practices, and/or products sold
  • Opportunity to be viewed by over 350,000 unique visitors annually
  • Visibility in the over 150,000 printed directories distributed statewide

Minnesota Grown Directory Listing FAQs

To Qualify

Members must sell a product that is at least 80% grown or raised in Minnesota, or they must be making a product with a major ingredient that is at least 80% grown or raised in Minnesota. (NOTE: For wild rice, 100% must be grown in Minnesota to qualify to use the Minnesota Grown logo.)

If the whole product is 80% or more grown/raised in Minnesota (e.g. a basket of apples), you can use the Minnesota Grown logo on it.

If a major ingredient of your product is at least 80% grown/raised in Minnesota (e.g. hops in a beer), you may use the logo if you specify which ingredient is local by stating "Featuring Minnesota Grown _______".

Apples, jelly, beer, and hops

Want more info?

Contact Karen Lanthier, Member Services Coordinator at or 651-201-6140