Sweet Corn

sweet corn

There's nothing quite like that first bite of juicy Minnesota sweet corn on a hot summer night! Minnesota farmers pick sweet corn every day when it is in season. They pick sweet corn early in the morning when temperatures are cool, because warm temperatures speed the change of sugar to starch. Fresh corn on the cob will lose up to 40% of its sugar content after 6 hours of room temperature storage, and will gradually lose sugar content even if it is refrigerated. This is one reason why fresh, local sweet corn tastes better than anything that has been shipped in from far away.

Find a Minnesota Grown sweet corn farmer near you to enjoy that fresh-picked taste!

Recently Minnesota asked our Facebook followers about their favorite way to eat sweet corn in the Great Sweet Corn Debate! Do more Minnesotans enjoy their sweet corn by eating it across (like a typewriter) or around (like a wheel)? Hundreds of Minnesotans have weighed in, and the results are shown in the info-graphic below (click to expand)!

The Great Sweet Corn Debate

You have your Minnesota Grown sweet corn at home, now what?

  • Eat it fresh on the cob, boiled in water for about 5 minutes.
  • Corn kernels can be cut off the cobs, cooked and served as a vegetable or added to salads, casseroles, crepes, or pancakes
  • Roast the corn in a fire pit, in an oven or on the grill, with the husks left on during the roasting
  • Cook the corn, and freeze it to enjoy in the chillier months of the year!