Minnesota has a strong presence in national potato production. Keep reading to learn more!

Did you know that potatoes come in many different flesh and skin colors? From red to blue to the classic yellow, and combinations of the three- try to seek out beautiful colorful potatoes from a local farmer or farmers market near you!

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Did you know? 


Minnesota ranks 8th in the nation in potato production.

USDA NASS Report, June 2017


Red potatoes grown in the Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota have a deeper red color and more robust flavor than potatoes grown anywhere else.

This is because these potatoes are non-irrigated and grown in heavy black soil unique to the Red River Valley of the North.

Minnesota Potatoes by the Numbers


146,000 acres of potatoes

are grown in the Red River Valley of Minnesota and North Dakota.

The average yield per acre is 260 hundredweight,

which is 260 one-hundred pound bags of potatoes!


Minnesota produces 2 billion pounds of potatoes annually.

Minnesota Potato Crop Breakdown:

Three major types of potatoes are grown in Minnesota. For more info, check out our source: Crop Profile for Potatoes in Minnesota

White Potatoes

White potatoes are generally destined for processing, for potato chips and more!

Russet Potatoes

Russet potatoes are used to make French fries and hash browns.

Red Potatoes and other Varieties

Red potatoes are usually sold fresh to the market.

The other colored varieties can be found from local farmers, at farmers markets, and in CSA boxes!

"A single medium-sized potato contains about half the daily requirement of vitamin C and provides complex carbohydrates needed to fuel our brains and bodies”

 - University of Minnesota Extension, Farm to School

When is a potato more than just a potato?

Learn more about growing potatoes in the video below from Red River Valley Potatoes.